hand stand card holder – blue


Four words you’ll never have to utter in the future, “Here, take my card.” Four words you’ll need to learn fast, “I’m outta cards again!”

But you don’t care how much those 6-color embossed die-cut 140-pound cover parchment business cards cost because your customers are worth it. Besides, what could possibly be more fun or memorable than watching this handsome assistant chucking out the 411 like it’s candy?

That’s right, epic prosperity is within reach, and success is just arms-length away with our MÖTALÍF business card holders. So get your mitts on this one-of-a-kind conversation starter asap – soon you and your calling card will receive the attention so richly deserved.

*IMPORTANT* This MÖTALÍF ‘hand stand’ is designed to function as ‘art’ – to adorn, garnish, accentuate and harmonize with paired objects. Its primary function – besides visual stimulation – is to hold and display business cards. It is NOT a vise or a super-duty clamping mechanism. YES! Of course MÖTALÍF offers a commercial ‘hand stand’ (not pictured) designed for retail product placement and industrial display applications on any surface. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

MÖTALÍF life-size metal art hand sculptures ‘speak’ for themselves and proudly stand 8″ tall – fully extended.

Every MÖTALÍF sculpture is designed and forged by hand, then shipped pre-formed as ordered. Our proprietary durable finish and matchless quality guarantee that your original MÖTALÍF sculpture will last many lifetimes – a true gift of ‘life’ for all generations.

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All MÖTALÍF metal art is shipped in designated and pre-determined positions. An infrequent ever-so-slight ‘tweak’ is fine. But like most art, our masterpieces are designed specifically for VISUAL enjoyment.

Please do NOT attempt to re-shape anyone’s art piece or metal art work – ever. Modifying someone’s artwork alters the integrity of any piece, therefore damage may occur.

All MÖTALÍF metalwork and metal hand art is ‘art’. Unless advertised as ‘kinetic’ art, MÖTALÍF metal art has no working parts, so our pieces will never break or wear-out when treated as ‘art’. In short, MÖTALÍF metal art is designed to last a lifetime.

Due to MÖTALÍF’s ‘100% hand-forged in the USA‘ policy, artistic impression, extraordinary design and attention to detail, we guarantee that your ‘forged for life’ sculpture from our metal hands collection will be like no other – an original. Unique from any other we’ve produced. Always.

Not all of our products are listed at this time. If you’d like to learn more about other MÖTALÍF metal art sculptures, commercial products, specifications on metals, colors, protective coatings and accessory options, please contact us.

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