Unless indicated on our ‘Shop’ and ‘Product’ pages, most orders are shipped the following business day – depending on complexity and/or special customer requests. And due to MÖTALÍF’s ‘100% hand-forged in the USA‘ policy, artistic impression, extraordinary design and attention to detail, we guarantee that your ‘forged for life’ sculpture will be like no other – a complete original. Please see our portfolio page for specifications, protective coatings and accessory options.

Dealers/Retailers: A minimum order of 24 metal art sculptures is required. Please contact us for reserved pricing and shipping options.

What size are MÖTALÍF metal hands?

Our life-size metal hands are, well, ‘life size.’ For example, MÖTALÍF ‘i love you’ hands are approximately 8” tall from fingertip to the wrist stand.


All MÖTALÍF metalwork and metal hand art is ‘art’. Unless advertised as ‘kinetic’ art, MÖTALÍF metal art has no working parts, so our pieces will never break or wear-out when treated as ‘art’.

Please do NOT attempt to re-shape anyone’s art piece or metal art work – ever. Modifying someone’s artwork alters the integrity of any piece, therefore damage may occur.

MÖTALÍF metal art is forged in metal. And as far as we know, there are only two ways to break metal – by accident or on purpose. So treat your MÖTALÍF art with care, and it will last a lifetime.

*IMPORTANT*: All MÖTALÍF metal art is shipped in designated and pre-determined positions. An infrequent ever-so-slight ‘tweak’ is fine. And like most art, our masterpieces are designed specifically for VISUAL enjoyment.

Why are CANDY colors more expensive?

Several reasons. The preparation for MÖTALÍF proprietary candy-colored coatings involves a special metal etching process (electron bath) which is then followed by vigorous and meticulous sanding; all prior to adding our premium ‘hot rod’ custom candy finish, which by itself commands ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from onlookers. And once you’ve seen our candy-colored metal art, ‘Why?’ becomes ‘I want more!’

Do you offer MÖTALÍF metal art in COLORS not listed?

Yes. For custom colors and orders simply contact us prior to purchase, at which time we’ll be happy to share our unique designs, custom color options, production logistics and shipping schedules.

Can I get a DISCOUNT if I purchase several MÖTALÍF art pieces?

The same amount of creativity, attention to detail and love is poured into each MÖTALÍF masterpiece, hence our pricing structure that includes free shipping when applicable. If you are interested in ordering a quantity of 24+ or wish to become a Retailer, please contact us for reserved pricing and shipping options.

Does MÖTALÍF make CUSTOM hands signs or metal art?

Yes. For custom orders simply contact us – we love hearing your amazing ideas, then bringing them to life. On time. On budget.

Your business or company need commercial signage? Got a favorite sports team you’d like to represent? Your organization needs year-end gifts, or awards for a special ceremony? Got the perfect spot for your dream metal sculpture? MÖTALÍF is here to help!

Can MAGNETS be used with MÖTALÍF art?

Please do not attempt to ‘magnet mount’ MÖTALÍF metal art. The color coatings – while extremely durable – can be marred or scratched with prolonged use. Also, our proprietary metal coatings reduce magnetism, meaning the hold may not last or remain strong enough to prevent ‘falling art’.

GOOD NEWS! Our magnetized art sculptures will be available very soon – if not already – so you can proudly display your MÖTALÍF masterpieces on refrigerators, mailboxes, office cubes and most iron (steel) surfaces.

Is MÖTALÍF metal art available on Amazon?

We are a specialty metalsmith shop that creates unique works of art. At this time we are enjoying our current rate of growth, prompt service and customers appreciate our impeccable quality control. As long as we can maintain those principles, then we will carefully consider all future distribution and retailer options.

I just placed my ORDER, where’s my stuff?!

Hey now! We’re a small growing company. Most orders are shipped next business day – no annual $99 Prime® membership required! Because MÖTALÍF art work is hand-forged and hand-formed, sometimes giving life to our sculptures takes extra time to achieve perfection. Bear with us, you are always Priority #1.

MÖTALÍF Return Policy

Our customers are purchasing MÖTALÍF art. Art gallery and art industry standards mandate that ‘art’ does not fall under the ‘no questions asked return policies’ used by retailers (online and big box) that sell consumables, commodities and mass-produced merchandise. However, we will gladly exchange ‘damaged during shipping’ MÖTALÍF art for an identical sculpture (shape, size, color) WITHIN 7 DAYS OF ORIGINAL PURCHASE.

*IMPORTANT*: MÖTALÍF metal art is forged in ‘metal’. As far as we know, there are only two ways to break metal – by accident or on purpose. Treat your MÖTALÍF art with care, and it will last a lifetime. For helpful hints and further explanations, please see the ‘BEND, RE-SHAPE and RE-POSITION’ question/answer in this FAQ section.

As the designer and manufacturer of all our products, MÖTALÍF takes great pride in its work and is therefore confident you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.

Contact us for Pre-Approved returns – made PRIOR to purchase due to special circumstances. Pre-Approved terms require the unused and untarnished MÖTALÍF art returned in its original packaging within 14 days, which will be credited via the original payment method – minus a 20% re-stocking fee. Original shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Please ship your package in a prepaid, insured, and traceable method to MÖTALÍF.

Thank you!

Contact us for all custom/unique orders (requests). We’ll dream with you. And most important, we’ll convert remarkable concepts into faithful designs that accurately represent your ‘big picture’, then produce it. On time. On budget.

Retailers and Art Dealers

Join our growing list of popular art galleries, lawn and garden centers, fine gift shops, pet stores, home furnishing centers, upscale resort boutiques, luxury pool supply warehouses, and chic specialty shops that feature MÖTALÍF ‘living’ sculptures.

'forged for life'

timeless metal sculptures that give life to your environment

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