Man must create.

MÖTALÍF = möta (forge) + líf (life).

MÖTALÍF is a full-service metal design, blacksmith, and forging facility with locations in Northern Colorado and Central Texas. We are determined to adorn the landscape with ‘living’ metal art sculptures that convert any terrain or environment into happy-healthy sanctuaries.

To ‘forge’, simply put, is to skillfully and creatively shape iron that enhances our lives.

Some of the earliest records and relics of advanced blacksmiths and their forging techniques are of Nordic origin. The dictionary defines ‘Nordic’ as, “of or relating to Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands” and “of or relating to or denoting a physical type of northern European peoples characterized by tall stature, a bony frame, light coloring, and a dolichocephalic head” – a dead-ringer for MÖTALÍF’s owner. Yes, the MÖTALÍF crew is of Icelandic origin.

MÖTALÍF’s owner and lead designer/blacksmith/artisan is a stickler for keeping every aspect of MÖTALÍF – anvils, tools, steel and products – 100% ‘Made in the USA‘.

Retailers and Art Dealers

Join our growing list of popular art galleries, lawn and garden centers, fine gift shops, pet stores, home furnishing centers, upscale resort boutiques, luxury pool supply warehouses, and chic specialty shops that feature MÖTALÍF ‘living’ sculptures.

'forged for life'

timeless metal sculptures that give life to your environment

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